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This domain has a number of things going for it;

1) It's a dot COM,

2) It's only 7 characters,

3) It has the word "talk" in it. And of course

4) It has the 3 letters "NFL" in it. But before you get all excited thinking that you can have a site talking about the American National Football League you should think again. No, the National Footbal league does not own the three letters "NFL". They do own the the domain name NFL.com, just as Delta Airlines doesn't own the word "Delta", they own the domain name Delta.com (which they had to get from a plumbing company). But if you were to make this site about the NFL (National Football league), trademark infringement would occur. But if you look at the sub title of this website, you can see that "NFL" can stand for many things besides the National Football league. The word "National" can precede all kinds of organizations, institutions, clubs, places, etc.. eg. National founders, National fund, freemans, fashion, forest, etc.. and lets not forget a term that's become popular now with the rise of cryptocurrency - fiat.(not the car). The "L" could stand for lenders, loans, league, land, etc.. Of course the "N" doesn't have to stand for "National". It could also stand for "Natural", "New" , "Neo", etc..

Outside of the United States the word "football" refers to a totally different game than what it refers to in the United States. It has been brought up that in the abbreviation of the premier league (EPLS), the word "football" doesn't exist and thus it is a generic term (the name of a game) outside the realm of trademark infringement. "NFL" could stand for "National(Nacional) football (futbol) Leagues(Ligues) - a site that encompasses and discusses all the soccer leagues in Europe.

Anyway there are many possibilities that a potential buyer should weigh in on and research. This site will begin by discussing the different football leagues around the world.